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Adult Placement: An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Adult Placement

In this book Sue Newton shares her view of the fundamental principles that underpin the basic Adult Placement model in the UK. She shows how Adult Placement is becoming a growing and important community resource that fits in well with the Government’s current thinking on the future development of social care. The author explains what Adult Placement is, where it has developed from, who would benefit from using the resource and describes the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in a placement. The placement process is described in detail including the assessment of the service user and the Adult...


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Advocacy in Social Work

This book is intended for health and social care professionals interested in the debate surrounding ‘professional advocacy’ and ‘advocacy within professions’. As government policy gives a more pivotal role to advocacy, this book unpacks and challenges what that means within social work where it appears fraught with contradictions. Each chapter draws upon the history of care and theorises on the future of social work and advocacy.


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Alcohol, Social Work and Community Care

‘Alcohol, Social Work and Community Care’ examines practices in the assessment and management of alcohol problems within the context of community care development. It considers the role of social workers as providers of both social care and counselling help. It examines a range of different theories and models that can be used in working with those experiencing problems with drink. Considerable attention is given to psychological interventions such as social learning and cognitive behaviour approaches. There are chapters on young people, elderly people, black communities and offenders.


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Anti-bureaucractic Social Work

Bureaucracy excludes people and leads to poor social services because it puts the organisation first, not the client and service user. Managerialism damaged social services by its emphasis on controlling the organisation and its workers. It pursues out-moded policies which exclude users from partnership in social services. �Anti-bureaucratic Social Work� builds on advocacy and good professional practice with users. It aims to overcome the rigidity of over-bureaucratic managerialised social services with focus on putting the rights and needs of citizens and service users first.


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