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Webinar: "Understanding and implementing the changes to the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) in England"

BASW published the refreshed PCF in June 2018. Now we are supporting the whole sector to understand and embed the changes in this webinar.  


Guide to renewing your HCPC registration Webinar

This webinar will provide information to assist social workers who are in the process of renewing their registration with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), which is a requirement for all social workers practising in England. Panellists: Elizabeth Njenga (Chair) - BASW England Committee Jennifer Burton - Social Work Assessor Consultant and BASW England Professional Development and Capabilities Framework PPEG Clenton Farquharson - Service User, Trainer and Consultant Robert Templeton - Council member for the HCPC Julie Richards - Independent Social Worker, previously selected for HCPC audit


From Fear to Freedom: Masculinity, Control and Change - A Workbook for Men

The aim of this book is to speak directly to men who, through their controlling beliefs and behaviour, are causing worry and harm to their families, partners and children, and not least, to themselves. The title ‘From Fear to Freedom’ suggests that while some men’s behaviour is often frightening and damaging for others, it can also be frightening and confusing for men themselves. Once men begin to examine, comprehend and choose to work at ceasing their abusive and controlling behaviour, this can be a liberating process for them as well as others. From Fear to Freedom is also intended as...


Social Policy for Social Welfare Practice in a Devolved Wales 2nd Edition

Devolution in Wales has come of age. It has had profound  impacts on policy directions, on how social welfare practitioners are  trained and carry out their work and on wider issues of national identity  that affect the social relations of welfare. This text critically engages  with the impact of devolution on welfare practice in one of the devolved  nations of the UK.  In this second  edition leading academics in the field outline and review the policy  framework and political philosophy and values underpinning core areas of  welfare practice. They reflect on over a decade of devolution and assess  developments across...