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Expanding Horizons

This monograph series provides fresh perspectives on social work as a broad and dynamic activity in the UK and elsewhere in the world. It will contribute to the knowledge base through publication of a range of material that examines aspects of policy, practice, research or education in the fields of social work, social pedagogy or community work.

Series Editors: Brian Littlechild and Karen Lyons

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An Examination of the Implementation of Restorative Justice in Canada and Family Group Conferencing Approaches in the U.K.

This publication examines the current use of restorative justice for young people in both the youth justice and child welfare settings. Restorative justice is currently at the pinnacle of the British political agenda and policy makers are seeking to legislate for more restorative justice practices to take place within the criminal justice system, it being heralded as a new way to address youth crime and child welfare issues.


Care and Support for Young Separated Refugees Aged 16 and 17 in Germany and the United Kingdom

This monograph examines the care and support for young separated refugees aged 16 and 17 in Germany and the UK. In the UK, for example, around 80% of unaccompanied asylum seeking children supported by local authorities in 2000 were aged 16-17. Findings from the United Nations confirm the proportional over representation of the 16-17 age group as a European trend.


Children and Young People Who Sexually Abuse Others: policy and practice developments since the early 1990s

Children and young people who sexually abuse others have emerged as a problem since the early 1990s in the UK. This monograph provides an analysis of developments in policy, procedures and services in England during the past decade. Developments in national policy and legislation in respect of youth crime and child welfare and protection are also overviewed, with their respective implications for work with young sexual abusers.


Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Models of Good Practice in Biopsychosocial Rehabilitation

Child sexual exploitation is a complex problem, involving a system of supply and demand that crosses international borders and overlaps with issues of human rights, child protection, HIV/AIDS and other sexual health issues, trafficking, race and gender imbalances, violence and poverty, amongst others. It addresses the nature and effects of international child sexual exploitation, and how best to deal with the problems created for such children.