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International series

The Venture Press International Series is jointly sponsored by the International Association of Schools of Social Work and the British Association of Social Workers

Series Editors: Brian Littlechild, Karen Lyons and Henry Parada

International Perspectives on Evidence-based Practice in Social Work

This book presents a worldwide overview of contemporary developments in evidence-based practice (EBP). Leading authorities in England, Scotland, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Finland and the United States of America have prepared chapters describing the state-of-the art (and science!) of social work practice in their respective countries. ‘International Perspectives on Evidence-based Social Work’ illustrates how the diverse and international profession of social work is capable of becoming better unified through being organized by the integration of both scientific and humanistic perspectives within practice.


International Social Work and the Radical Tradition

At the beginning of the 21st century international social work is faced with a paradox. The spread of neo-liberal globalisation has created a situation in which social work is beginning to emerge and develop in many countries where previously it did not exist. Yet this growth of social work internationally is taking place at a time where there is a widespread acceptance that social work in many Western countries is in crisis, often due to the dominance of market-based approaches. This suggests that the time is ripe for a re-assessment of that tradition within social work which, more than any...


Social Work as a Profession: A Comparative Cross-national Perspective

This volume is a pioneering study, offering a systematic global comparison of the professional features of social work. Intended for students, researchers, teachers and social work practitioners with an interest in the professional characteristics of social work and the sociology of the professions, it provides a broadly-based examination of trends in social work in diverse social and political contexts. The book takes a cross-national comparative perspective and includes in-depth analyses of the social work profession by national experts in ten countries with very different histories and practice settings: Chile, Germany, Hungary, India, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and...


Social Work In Europe: Educating for Change

Social work is a diverse and contested activity in which national traditions and cultural factors affect its form and its adaptation to changing political and socio-economic conditions. However, the education and research which underpin this professional field are increasingly open to influences from outside local and national boundaries. Social Work in Europe takes a thematic approach to an analysis of such external influences – and the learning derived from comparative study – specifically as experienced in the European region.