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Appropriate Adults and Appropriate Adult Schemes

This book examines the provision and practice of Appropriate Adults who attend for vulnerable groups – juveniles, those with learning disabilities or mental health problems held in police detention. What are the strengths and weaknesses of provision and practice, and how might Appropriate Adult services best be provided for vulnerable suspects in custody? The role, work and provision of Appropriate Adults is examined from the perspectives of detainees, police and those working within and managing Appropriate Adult schemes for the first time in one volume.


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Child Protection and Domestic Violence

Child Protection and Domestic Violence combines a child-centred and woman-centred approach to examining the impact of domestic violence on children, together with ways in which professionals can most helpfully respond. The book summarises what is known about domestic violence and its effects on children and outlines key approaches in UK and overseas practice in intervening to protect, support and work directly with children who are living in, or what have lived in, households where their mother is being abused. The book is a ‘must read’ for social workers, community nurses including health visitors and midwives, other health professionals, teachers, youth...


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Community Care Tragedies: A Practice Guide to Mental Health Inquiries

‘Community Care Tragedies’ contains vital practical lessons in risk assessment for every professional working in the field of mental health and criminal justice. Margaret Reith brings together twenty-eight homicide and other inquiries about people known to mental health services published between 1988-1997. Every recommendation is reported here and, for the first time, cross-referenced in detail. The book is a valuable resource for mental health practitioners, planners, policy makers and students. It will improve services by applying the understanding gained from high-profile inquiries to everyday practice.


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Community Care: Working in Partnership with Service Users

This book sets out four principles for working in partnership with people who need support in their daily lives: entitlement; the social model of disability; needs-led assessment; and promoting choice and control. It draws on the wealth of research and information now available about how to work in ways which empower people. Examples are given relating to all the community care service user groups – older people, people with learning difficulties, those with physical/sensory impairments and people who use mental health services.


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