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What are they doing here? A Critical Guide to Asylum and Immigration

Asylum is never far from the headlines at the moment. In the media, in Parliament and at ‘street’ level it is a topic everyone appears to have an opinion about. Much of the content of these discussions is negative and frightening, serving to heighten concerns around the presence of asylum seekers and other migrants. This book has arisen out of a desire to separate truth from fiction and myth from reality, not least because the consequences of this distorted vision are experienced in the most brutal of ways by those so defined. ‘What are they doing here? A Critical Guide...


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Working with Visually Disabled People

This guide has been written from the experiences of visually disabled people and the growing voice of the Disabled People’s Movement. The authors take a civil rights perspective to visual disability, which is underpinned by the social model of disability. Two of the authors are themselves visually disabled. Little has been written for social workers and other professionals on visual disability from the perspective of visually disabled people. This guide draws upon the discipline of disability studies to guide practitioners who seek to assist visually disabled people to fulfil the lifestyles of their choice.


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