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Social Work and HIV/AIDS

HIV has provided a challenge not only to patients and their close contacts but to those caring for them. This book is based on the long experience of two social workers, both family therapists, who have worked together at the Royal Free Hospital and share the belief that practice has to have a sound theoretical basis. It gives an overview of the HIV epidemic and social work contribution to date, provides information about treatments and examines some of the dilemmas these new developments pose for patients, doctors and social workers.


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Social Work With Disabled People (3rd Edition)

This landmark text has been essential reading for students and professionals in the field of disability studies for over two decades. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the social model of disability and its implications for practitioners. Extensively revised and updated, the third edition reconstructs social work practice with disabled people in light of the latest legislation and policy changes, including changes in the Disability Discrimination Act and the Community Care Act. Above all, the new edition stresses the importance of thinking critically about the welfare response to disability and it urges professionals to reflect on and improve their practice....


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Social Work With Older People (4th Edition)

Older people provide a significant challenge and opportunity for social work. In today’s society people are living longer and there are more older people than ever before. As a result older people have moved from being a marginal concern to one of central importance in social work. The fourth edition of this social work classic is a comprehensive and invaluable resource for developing social work practitioners’ knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to this crucial client group. It includes new chapters on the policy and organisational context of social work with older people, as well as a chapter focussing on...


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TAO of Survival: Spirituality in Social Care and Counselling

An excellent book, written in a very humble, yet very creative, humorous way as a melange of story-telling, personal experience, traditional wisdom, poetry, spiritual and philosophical concepts, and more. It may be perceived as theory, if one is searching for conceptual guidance, or as profound reflection on ‘being human’, if one is looking for insight into human spirituality!


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