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Venture Press

Social Work in the Context of Political Conflict

Editor: Shulamit Ramon / 978-1-86178-080-5

Social Work in the Context of Political Conflict


This book focuses on the hitherto largely neglected issue of the impact of political conflict on social work. This issue has considerable conceptual, educational, emotive, and ethical implications, policy and practice ramifications which are identified and critically examined in this publication.

The text includes twelve contributions from Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Kenya, Northern Ireland, Palestine, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and the United States, and a chapter on memory work which draws on experience from a number of countries.

It provides both global and localised perspectives of many of the central political conflicts of the 20th and the 21st centuries. The conflicts looked at include internal conflicts, as well as conflicts between national groups and states. Good practice examples relate to direct work with clients, education and training, as well as to service organisation.

The text pays attention to the impact of political conflict on both clients and social workers, short and long term psychosocial support and advocacy. Critical attention is given to the crucial role played by policy makers, local and international service organisations.

Shulamit Ramon is professor of interprofessional health and social studies at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. This is her 10th book. In addition to working on the impact of political conflict on social work since 2002, her research and action research projects include also developing social work education in post-Communist countries, deinstitutionalisation and recovery in mental health, involving users as co-researchers, and methodological issues in comparative social work and social science research.