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The Policy Press

Religion, Belief and Social Work: Making a Difference

Sheila Furness and Philip Gilligan / 978-1-86134-981-1

Religion, Belief and Social Work: Making a Difference


This book examines how religion and related beliefs have varied impacts on the needs and perceptions of practitioners, service users, and the support networks available to them. The authors argue that social workers need to understand these phenomena, so that they can become more confident in challenging discriminatory and oppressive practices. The centrality of religion and associated beliefs in the lives of many is emphasised, as are their potentially liberating (and potentially negative) impacts. In line with the “Social Work in Practice” series style, the book allows readers to explore issues in depth. It focuses on knowledge transmission, and the encouragement of critical reflection on practice. Each chapter is built around ‘real-life’ case scenarios using a problem-based learning approach. This book is the first to deal with social work and religion so comprehensively and will therefore be essential reading for social work students, as well as practitioners in a range of areas, social work academics and researchers in the UK and beyond.