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Anti-bureaucractic Social Work

Bureaucracy excludes people and leads to poor social services because it puts the organisation first, not the client and service user. Managerialism damaged social services by its emphasis on controlling the organisation and its workers. It pursues out-moded policies which exclude users from partnership in social services. �Anti-bureaucratic Social Work� builds on advocacy and good professional practice with users. It aims to overcome the rigidity of over-bureaucratic managerialised social services with focus on putting the rights and needs of citizens and service users first.


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Appropriate Adults and Appropriate Adult Schemes

This book examines the provision and practice of Appropriate Adults who attend for vulnerable groups – juveniles, those with learning disabilities or mental health problems held in police detention. What are the strengths and weaknesses of provision and practice, and how might Appropriate Adult services best be provided for vulnerable suspects in custody? The role, work and provision of Appropriate Adults is examined from the perspectives of detainees, police and those working within and managing Appropriate Adult schemes for the first time in one volume.


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Care and Support for Young Separated Refugees Aged 16 and 17 in Germany and the United Kingdom

This monograph examines the care and support for young separated refugees aged 16 and 17 in Germany and the UK. In the UK, for example, around 80% of unaccompanied asylum seeking children supported by local authorities in 2000 were aged 16-17. Findings from the United Nations confirm the proportional over representation of the 16-17 age group as a European trend.


Child Protection and Domestic Violence

Child Protection and Domestic Violence combines a child-centred and woman-centred approach to examining the impact of domestic violence on children, together with ways in which professionals can most helpfully respond. The book summarises what is known about domestic violence and its effects on children and outlines key approaches in UK and overseas practice in intervening to protect, support and work directly with children who are living in, or what have lived in, households where their mother is being abused. The book is a ‘must read’ for social workers, community nurses including health visitors and midwives, other health professionals, teachers, youth...


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