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Venture Press

From Fear to Freedom: Masculinity, Control and Change - A Workbook for Men

Dave Morran / 978-1-86178-082-9 / A4 wire bound (April 2009)

From Fear to Freedom: Masculinity, Control and Change - A Workbook for Men


The aim of this book is to speak directly to men who, through their controlling beliefs and behaviour, are causing worry and harm to their families, partners and children, and not least, to themselves. The title ‘From Fear to Freedom’ suggests that while some men’s behaviour is often frightening and damaging for others, it can also be frightening and confusing for men themselves. Once men begin to examine, comprehend and choose to work at ceasing their abusive and controlling behaviour, this can be a liberating process for them as well as others. From Fear to Freedom is also intended as a resource for professionals such as counsellors, health practitioners, alcohol and drug workers, social workers, probation officers and others whose practice brings them into contact with troubled and troubling men. This book does not set out to be an academic text and few academic references appear in any of the chapters. It is nevertheless underpinned by a substantial body of theory and research around men’s controlling and abusive behaviour and has been written by experienced practitioners in the UK who work with men on issues around masculinity, control, abuse – as well as on the rewards of developing a sense of responsibility and respect for self and others. No promises are made in this book and no guarantees are offered to men or their partners as far as men changing their attitudes and behaviour is concerned. What From Fear to Freedom does offer is a starting point, providing information and insight about the damage that power, abuse and control does in relationships, what might underlie such behaviour, and what men might do in order to begin addressing such behaviour.