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Early Professional Development for Social Workers

Edited by Raymond Taylor, Malcolm Hill and Fergus McNeill / 978-1-86178-084-3 / Paperback (April 2011)

Early Professional Development for Social Workers


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The central focus of this book is on the early professional development needs of social workers.

It has been compiled by editors with extensive experience of social work practice, education and research. The collection examines the radical changes that have taken place in social work over the last decade within the wider context of welfare policy and practice change within the United Kingdom. 
"... the real potential of this book is in bridging the gap between education and qualified practice. Social work educators, students and those employing newly qualified social workers should read this and discuss the transition from student to professional, as well as ensuring academic debate remains central to practice" Rob Fountain, Community Care, Aug 2011
The editors have brought together a broad range of experts to provide a contemporary perspective on a wide spectrum of social work issues, taking account of legal and policy differences between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each country within the UK faces similar challenges and there is much learning to be gleaned from exploring the range of social work interventions that have been developed and applied in different parts of the United Kingdom in recent years. 
The book will be an important reference for social workers, managers, practitioners and social work educators, and for all those with an interest in raising standards of social work practice.

"... a very readable volume. Highly recommended." Angie Ash, Professional Social Work, Sept 2011
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Raymond Taylor, Malcolm Hill and Fergus McNeill

PART 1: The Context of Early Professional Development
What a Difference a Degree Makes
Gillian MacIntyre and Joan Orme
Managing Risk in a Risk Averse Society
Peter Bates and Mark Lymbery
Exploring Ethically Based, Spiritually Aware, Practice
Irene Stevens
Management and Leadership in Social Work
Graham McPheat and Joan Watson
Anti-oppressive Practice: Its continued relevance in the 21st century
Lena Dominelli
Personalisation and the Role of the Social Worker
Duncan Mackay and Gillian MacIntyre

PART 2: Themes and Issues in Child and Family Social Work
Child Poverty in the UK: Issues and answers
Douglas Hamilton
Safeguarding and Protecting Children in the UK
Pam Green Lister
Ensuring that Every Child Really Does Matter
Jane Aldgate
Residential Child Care: Learning from International Comparisons
Andrew Kendrick, Laura Steckley and Graham McPheat
The Rise of Independent Foster Care
Clive Sellick

PART 3: Themes and Issues in Community Care 
Getting it Right for Older People
Jacquie Roberts
Creating ‘Better Lives’: Learning Disability, Early Professional Development and Social Work
Denis Rowley and Susan Hunter
The Role of Personal Narratives in Addressing Stigma in Mental Health
Neil Quinn, Lee Knifton and Jane Donald
Making Sense of Partnership Working
Andrew Eccles and Alison Petch
Adult Protection in the UK: Key issues for early career social workers
Ailsa Stewart
Substance Misuse and Social Work – the essential contribution
Joy Barlow
Social Work and the Use of Technology in Social Care
Andrew Eccles

PART 4: Themes and Issues in Criminal Justice
Changing Lives, Changing Work: Social work and criminal justice
Fergus McNeill
The ‘Complicated Business’ of Electronical Monitoring
Mike Nellis
Criminal Justice Social Work in Three Countries: Scotland, Ireland and Canada
Denis C. Bracken
What Works with Women Who Offend?
Gill McIvor
Malcolm Hill, Raymond Taylor and Fergus McNeill