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BASW Policies

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is producing a range of UK policy statements and documents to guide members and to support best practice, as well as the Association's campaigning and lobbying work. The statements aim to support social work professionals in developing a strong sense of identity and to help uphold the integrity of the profession by developing policies in line with BASW's Code of Ethics.

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BASW Human Rights Policy

BASW Supervision Policy

BASW/IFSW Policy on Effective and Ethical Working Environments for Social Work: The responsibilities of employers of social workers

BASW Whistleblowing Policy


Printed Policies

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BASW CPD Policy (25 copies)

The purpose of this policy is to clarify what BASW considers to be the professional rights and responsibilities of social workers in relation to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the essential role that BASW has in supporting members with their development. CPD is vital to ensure that social workers provide quality services, develop their practice and achieve good outcomes for individuals, families and communities.


BASW Human Rights Policy (25 copies)

This policy is for social workers in the United Kingdom (UK) but it is also important for employers as well as education and training providers. This document has three further sections: a definition of a rights based approach, the context informing the policy, and the BASW policy statement on a human rights based approach to social work.


BASW Supervision Policy (25 copies)

The purpose of the Supervision Policy is to clarify what BASW considers to be the professional rights of social workers in relation to supervision and the responsibilities of the agency, the worker and the supervisor. Supervision needs to be seen in the context of widespread agreement among professional social work bodies globally about the purpose, functions and importance of supervision. 


BASW Whistleblowing Policy (25 copies)

This policy clarifies what BASW considers to be the rights, protections and responsibilities of social workers in relation to whistleblowing and the essential role that BASW has in supporting members. Being prepared to whistle blow is one of the practice principles in the BASW Code of Ethics.